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Summon Artifact
80 players can summon the task to open the artifact system.
Summon Artifact
With 100 corresponding pieces of artifact can call a complete artifact. Each artifact can only call once, the excess artifacts can be advanced.
Contract interface
Simply put is placed artifact warehouse. Equipment, artifacts need to operate in the contract interface, after the equipment can query the current property bonus and skill level. Each character can be equipped with up to six artifacts at the same time.
Upgrade & Upgrades
Upgrade artifacts need to consume props "Scun Gem" and "gold." Artifacts per liter level attribute bonus will increase in the upgrade will have a chance to fail, failure to get the blessing value. Different artifacts have different levels of upper limit, upgrade to the upper limit after the need to improve the quality of artifacts to improve. Advanced need to consume a certain number of artifact fragments.
Artifact quality
White Quality → Green Quality → Blue Quality → Purple Quality → Orange Quality → Red Quality → Dark Gold Quality
Artifact skills
Passive trigger when fighting.
Legend attributes
Collection of different artifacts together can also activate the legendary attributes! The higher the quality of the artifact, the higher the attribute bonus
God of Light: Brienak + Fraglac


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